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Working with You

How We Work With You




We always Spend at least an hour interviewing our new clients, in person or over the phone to:
  1. ​Discuss your objectives and review all of your existing written materials.
  2. ​Discover accomplishments and unique talents and skills that will support your objectives.
  3. ​Ask questions that you probably have not asked yourself to get at information that can be utilized in improving the effectiveness of your resume.
Then We:
  1. ​Write the descriptions of your jobs so that they are impressive, understandable and concise (in the active voice).
  2. ​Write and edit all of the other information in a concise way: training, awards, early positions, skills.
  3. Include a qualification section that will include your talents, strengths and skills that support your objective.
  4. Edit, design and format the resume so that it is the right length and format for your particular needs.
  5. Allow you to proof the resume and additional materials to ensure that all information is correct before we make your final copies and electronic version.
  6. Guarantee that you will get interviews.
AN EXCELLENT INVESTMENT - Getting help with writing an outstanding resume is an excellent investment in your career — it can save you months of searching and increase your confidence so you can make your job change faster.
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