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Who Are We

Brad M. Bucklin
Founder and Principal

Brad M. Bucklin has a wealth of Hollywood and job placement experience. He has written numerous articles appearing in local and national publications on job search strategies and has owned and operated CareerPro Resumes and Professional Literary Services for twenty years. Brad also guest lectures at Charles Drew University, Burbank Jaycees and Working World Career Fairs. 


That's just his job preparation experience, his "Hollywood" experience and path is impressive too.  Starting out in front of the camera, he had a chance to work with major directors.  As an instructor for the SAG/AFI Conservatory for over 20 years, he led classes in cold reading and interviewing.  After getting into more of the production and post-production side of the business 15 years ago, he has written and produced an Award winning short film as well as high quality media content.  As an Instructor for Video Symphony for nine years, he trained graduates on entering the Post-Production field.


" Brad was so supportive and nice. I really liked his laid back attitude, and the overall way he taught the class."

“ The instructor is fantastic. Brad is the best instructor here. Love his discussions and the how comfortable he makes me feel.”

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