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Most job interviews will follow the same general pattern which can be broken into four parts: ​​


1. Introduction - Where you get to make the other person feel at ease and show your positive attitude. Start with a firm handshake and make eye contact. "Mr./Mrs. _________it is very nice to meet you. I have been looking forward to this interview.​​


2. Questions - The interviewer will ask questions and you respond by citing specific examples of your talents and skills. Keep your answers to one or two sentences and don't just answer yes or no if there is an opportunity to highlight a talent or accomplishment.​​


3. Questions you ask -  Every interview reaches the point where the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Having questions shows that you are prepared, engaged and interested. There is NO situation where all your questions are answered in the interview. If the interviewer doesn't ask speak up. ​


4. Closing - Remember! that the last impression you make is the first thing the interviewer will remember. You will want to know how long you will have to wait for a decision. You can kill two birds with one stone with a closing remark:​​​​

​​"Thank you for your time. I really enjoyed finding out more about your company, and believe I could make a positive contribution. When do you plan to make your decision?"​​


As you are leaving, ask for a business card of the person you interviewed with. This will give the correct spelling of their name and the address so you can send them a thank you letter.​​





in-person interview prep is available only to those in the Los Angeles area. Those interested can call the office at (818) 559-5520 to schedule an appointment. Or order on-line and we will call you to set an appointment. As part of the service you will get a copy of the interviewing workbook.


Cost: $75/hr.



Under the microscope in an interview



Cheat Sheet



Before going on your interview review the following list. These points will allow you to focus, make you more confident and help you to relax. (Adapted from CareerDreams, Inc.)​

Visualize the perfect job for you

Remember to always LISTEN

Remember to BREATHE

Review your resume

They are already interested in you

Help the interviewer feel comfortable

Remember to always have fun

Feel strong and committed with your answers

Be honest

"I am good at what I do"


Think if you would really like to work there

Be who you are today

Ask for the job

You will find the right job for you







Interviewing For A Job In Today's  Job Market


A comprehensive guide to interviewing that includes:

A Formula for Interview Success

Why Candidates Fail in Interviews

Hidden Interview Agendas

Interview Rescue

Tactful Answers to Illegal Questions 

 and dynamic ways to improve your interviewing success

By Brad M. Bucklin


Workbook Only $9.95


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