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Workshops and Seminars


and Seminars


CareerPro/Professional Literary Services offers workshops and seminars to help individuals and employees prepare for the daunting task of looking for employment in this challenging market. For over 24 years we have provided assistance to people at all levels from CEO's to Secretaries.  Perfect for schools looking to improve their placement statistics or as an added bonus to their education.  Companies benefit by offering the seminars as a perk for their loyal employees.

7 Steps to Getting the Job (or anything) you want


The Steps that have been used for thousands of years to help people acquire whatever they want. This one hour course goes through the 7 steps and discusses each one in depth, explaining why they are important and how YOU, the individual can utilize them to change your life. These steps are not new, but I can guarantee you have forgotten them. This course helps you remember and take action.    $45 with a limit of 12 people per session.

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Guided resume workshop
Guided Resume Workshop


GRW is the inexpensive, unique way to produce a resume that will get you the interview. Limited to 12 people per workshop our resume professionals will train you in resume writing fundamentals, help you gather the pertinent information you need to write your resume and then guide you through the process.  It is a fun, hands on workshop that is also designed to help you develop confidence in yourself and how to reflect that in your resume.  $45.00/per person

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Job Search Fundamentals....

is a one day 8 hour introductory class focusing on the essentials to getting a job.  It is a powerful tool to get you up to speed on what is needed to go out and get a job in just about every field.  You will be introduced to basic concepts that are important to being effective in your job search, including; 7 Steps to getting the job you want, networking, confidence building, interviewing, cover letter and resume construction.  The class does not pull any punches.  If you were thinking about getting a new job in 2019 or beyond, this is the course you need to take.​

$125.00/per person, limit 12.


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Workshops for Job Seekers
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